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Art Resources

This page lists the art resource files available on this site. You can search for content within these files using the "Teaching Resources" tag on the search page (under the RESOURCES menu).

Poppy Painting

These notes are from Michelle Ashford's workshop at the 20016 Term 1 Twilight Conference, where Michelle demonstrated a mixed media approach to painting flowers.

Papunya Dot Painting - PAN Conference June 2013 - Danielle Young

In this workshop teachers will have the opportunity to explore some of the rich traditions and history of indigenous Australian artists and artworks. Participants will examine the work of Emily Kngwarreye, the Papunya dot painters and the artists of Mornington and Bentinck Island such as Sally Gabori.  This examination will provide the inspiration for teachers to create their own artwork using a variety of painting techniques and materials in particular acrylics and inks.

Inexpensive Printmaking

These notes are from the March 2015 Twilight Conference. Lorraine Thomas demonstrates a variety of printmaking methods including, monoprint, relief and screen print methods as well as introducing cross-curricular ideas for linking with geography.

How to draw a face step by step

Step by step images for how to draw a face have been create by Carolyn Peisker and set out below.  You may wish to print these images to create a resource for your students to refer to. They have been kindly supplied by Carolyn Peisker of Wellers Hill State School.

Great ideas for Performance & Presentation - PAN Twilight Conference August 2013 - Kate Schirmer

Classroom teachers are often asked to organise performances - in the classroom and at whole-school events - which can be daunting! This fun and accessible session will equip you with ideas, inspiration and experience for your next performances, which explore and celebrate cross-curricular priorities through music and drama! During the hour, the group will consider Australia's musical "language" and workshop two performances from contemporary Australian music. One piece focuses on an Indigenous Perspective and the other is designed to start a dialogue with students on Sustainability.

Drawing to Persuade - David Lovegrove

My approach to persuasive drawing teaching is to appeal to the young artists instinctive creativity as well as their intellectual need to ‘make’ artistic things that look convincing and skillful. I call this approach “Drawing on both sides of the Brain” (obviously with a nod to the famous book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain).

Come over to my side: Persuasive Writing

To internalise a process or information it is necessary to interact with it, use it or manipulate it.  If a student has an internalised understanding of what the mechanisms, structure and vocabulary of persuasive writing is, this frees them to focus on content and be creative. 

Clay inspired by place

These notes are from the March 2015 Twilight Conference. They demonstrate how to construct a tripod pot from a rolled slab of clay. Texture is applied to the slab before it is rolled around a cylinder to create the pot shape. This is an easy pot to build as it is made from one piece of clay and has minimaljoins.

Clay - Ancient Greece - Conference Notes June 2013 - Joy Pohlner

Participants will explore strategies to learn about Ancient Greek lifestyle from their representation of Classic Ancient Greek life on their pottery. Then they will use elements of art and principles of design to create a 3D clay artefact inspired by Ancient Greece pottery.

Participants will create a clay object to represent a significant aspect of their culture.

Different perspectives will be considered in this artwork. This artwork could be modified to suit History, Arts and Technology topics, knowledge and skills.

Band Lab: Playing simultaneously is not the same as playing together

Presented by Karl Farren: There's something very special about the feeling you get when you're playing or singing with other musicians, and it 'clicks'.  Whatever the lineup, there are fundamentals that apply. 

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