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Primary Arts Network (PAN)

PAN is a network of Queensland teachers from all educational sectors (State, Catholic and Independent). PAN supports Early Years, Primary and Middle Schooling arts educational practices and programs in all strands of The Arts (Dance, Drama, Media, Music, Visual Arts). PAN provides professional development, promotes connections between The Arts and other Key Learning Areas (KLAs) taught in all Queensland schools as well as providing opportunities for teachers to network with each other.

PAN is a not for profit organisation consisting of teachers who volunteer their time and abilities so as to encourage other primary teachers to consider, develop and share their arts knowledge and skills with the children in their care. PAN members volunteer their time and skills because they are committed to engaging children through the arts and providing an abundance of education.


PAN's Vision
To continue to build a Primary Arts Network that provides: Professional development, Advocacy and Networking, an important resource for primary educators within the National Curriculum for the Arts.


PAN's Mission Statement
To inspire, challenge and equip all primary educators to engage with the Arts thereby enabling a creative and comprehensive education for their students.


PAN's Core Values
The core values of PAN are the principles which have been adopted to provide guidance and context for PAN’s continual development and its relationships with educators and stakeholders:

Creativity is the all-encompassing value that is inherent in all our core values.

  • Inclusivity – we are proactive in ensuring our practices are inclusive
  • Leadership – we are leaders in this field and ensure our practices are linked to current research. We empower all primary educators to develop and share examples of best practice of excellence in the Arts
  • Partnerships – we generate and build inclusive partnerships between schools, tertiary institutions, industry and community organisations
  • Authenticity – we remain authentic in all of our actions and passionate advocates for the Arts
  • Connection – we promote connections between all art forms
  • Sustainability – we promote sustainable practices in the Arts and place an importance on the awareness of our environment and explore the problems and issues of sustainability in our practices. We aspire to be a sustainable practice with an aim for independent funding.


PAN's Objectives

  1. We will provide a communication gateway for educators
  2. We will provide opportunities for primary educators to engage with professional development opportunities within the Arts
  3. We will raise the profile of the Arts, demonstrating its value and relevance within primary schools
  4. We will build inclusive partnerships between all education sectors, tertiary institutions, industry and community organisations
  5. We will promote sustainability in our financial practices and implementation of the Arts in the primary classroom, whilst remaining realistic of our everyday practices


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