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The Angelique-Art Sculpture Award 2013

A sculpture by Antone Bruinsma is being offered to a Queensland State or Catholic Primary School to be permanently located within its school environs.

One Queensland State Primary School will be awarded a sculpture by Antone Bruinsma in 2014.
To be considered for this offer you may submit an entry either by mail or electronically using this web page.

Closing Date

Entries must be submitted to Primary Arts Network by October 17th 2014.

All entries should include the following information:

  • Why do you want the sculpture at your school?
  • Does the school have a suitable place for a sculpture? Or is the school willing to create a special place for the sculpture? Where would you place the sculpture and why? Please support your answer with a map and a photo (you will need to consider whether it is feasible in this position).
  • How does the school and staff encourage interest in 3D artwork? If so, to what degree? Is sculpture an accepted element of the Arts programme?
  • We are also looking for the most creative application from students, staff and hopefully parents combined. We would like to see community interest and involvement if possible.
  • This submission requires the approval of your Principal.
    • Your Principal must sign the following statement:
      "I have read this document and fully support the conditions of entry."
    • Your Principal's signature must be accompained by his or her full name.

To Submit an Entry by Mail

Please include a detailed response addressing the above questions in your printed submission.

Also provide:

  • Name
  • School
  • Address
  • Email
  • Fax

Mail your entry to:

Primary Arts Network
The Angelique‐Art Sculpture Award
C/‐ Karen Hannay,
Brisbane Grammar School Middle School,
Gregory Terrace,
Spring Hill 4000.

To Submit an Entry Electronically

Please prepare a ZIP file containing all the files that make up your entry. The ZIP file must contain these files:

  • A detailed written answer to the questions given earlier on this page. This file may be a plain text file or a PDF document. Please duplicate your contact information in this file is case it is accidentally separated from the rest of your entry.
  • Image files for any maps or photos that are not otherwise incuded in your written entry. Please do not submit unnecessarily large files. If necessary use a program like Gimp or Photoshop to compress image files. However, do not compress so much that the image is unclear. The entire entry when compressed as a ZIP file should not exceed about 5MB.

The following form contains a field where you can upload your ZIP file, as well as fields for providing the other required information.

Please give your full postal address. Please check this carefully before submission—if you make a mistake we won't be able to contact you!
Please enter your email address. Please check this carefully before submission—if you make a mistake we won't be able to contact you!
Please give the full name of your school.
Set this to "Approved" only if you have the written approval of the School Principal, which should state the following: I have read this document and fully support the conditions of entry. Note: You must get approval. Entries that are not Approved by the Principal will not be eligible for the prize.
Please state the Principal's full name. This should be the name of the person who gave you the signed Approval indicated in the previous question.  
Please ZIP all the files that comprise your contest entry into a single ".zip" file. This will include all text files and all image files. Your entry must not exceed 10MB in size, so please reduce image file sizes using image software such as GIMP or Photoshop.
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